BOSS 14X16 65W Laser

BOSS 14X16 65W Laser

Boss Laser

Boss Laser




If you're looking for a professional grade desktop / hobby laser engraver or cutter to inspire your small business or DIY projects, but don't want to spend $10k to get started, then the Boss LS-1416 may be the best laser machine under $4k on the market today.


  • 4-WAY PASS-THRUs for greater material handling.

  • Auto focus makes focusing the laser head quick and easy

  • U.S. optics from American Photonics. Proven 14% beam transmission improvement vs. imported optics.

  • Inline Beam Combiner (no more red dot pointer!) illuminates red dot on the material for improved accuracy and alignment.

  • LaserWORKS V8 control software with Direct Print Drive.  Works with most graphics design programs.

  • Laser head Air Assist keeps smoke & debris out of the laser area

  • Motorized Z Table with 8" height adjustment.

  • Wi-Fi or USB connection to PC Option

  • Large exhaust fan and venting for extracting smoke and fumes.

  • Both Honeycomb and Knife blade platforms for cutting and engraving

  • Quality CNC machined parts for long term reliability.

  • Ball bearing Y axis guide rails ensures smooth & precise laser movement

  • Heavy Duty Rotary and Chuck attachment for cylindrical objects

  • Windows 10, 8, 7 (64 or 32 bit)

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