HP Triple Outlet Power Supply






The HP 6236B and 6237B are valued additions to the engineer's design bench due to their multiple output voltages, small size, ease of operation, and performance. These compact constant-voltage / current-limiting supplies combine 0 to +/- 20V tracking outputs at 0.5 A with a single output rated at 0 to +6 volts at up to 2.5A in the HP 6236B, and 0 to +18 volts at 1A in the HP 6237B.

controls, meters, and binding posts are logically arranged on a neatly laid out front panel. One voltage control simultaneously adjusts the 20 volt and -20 volt outputs, which track within 1% to power operational amplifiers and circuits requiring balanced voltages. A tracking ratio feature can disable the 1:1 tracking feature and set the negative output to a lower voltage than that of the positive output. Once the tracking ratio has established a voltage ratio between the positive and negative outputs, the ratio remains constant as the +/- 20 V voltage control varies both outputs. Another voltage control sets the 0 to +6V (HP 6236B) or the 0 to +18V (HP 6237B) output.

All outputs are protected against overload and short circuit damage by fixed current limiting circuits. For any overload condition, the +20 V and - 20 V supplies are limited to 0.55A in both models, and the + 18 V output inn the 6237B is limited to 1.1 A. The overload protection circuit in the +6 V output in the HP 6236B has a current foldback characteristic that reduces the available current from about 2.75 A at a 6 V terminal voltage to 1 A at zero volts (or short circuited). This foldback limiting characteristic maximizes the available current in the important 5 to 6 volt range, while minimizing dissipation during overloads


DC Output Ratings: Triple Output - 35 Watts
0 to +6V; 2.5A
0 to +20V; 0.5A
0 to -20V; 0.5A
0 to ±20 V tracking outputs rated at 0.5A with a single output rated at 0 to +6 volts at up to 2.5A
Independent voltage controls
Separate dual-range panel meters allow both the voltage and current of any output to be monitored simultaneously

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